Along with Lonnie Hagen and his wife Nicole the conference will be host to several annointed speakers...



Olen Griffing Founding Pastor, Shady Grove Church
Apostle, Antioch Oasis International and

The son of a preacher, Olen was saved at the age of 32 and answered God’s call to the ministry shortly thereafter. Upon graduating from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1972, he served in his first pastorate at the First Baptist Church, Johnson City, Texas. By divine call, in March 1974, he became the pastor of Shady Grove Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, Texas. The test of the vision was challenged when nine months after his arrival, the church building burned to the ground. From the ruins, Olen founded Shady Grove Church with the few families that remained. Under his leadership, Olen built a solid foundation with an emphasis on team ministry, world missions and vibrant praise and worship. Olen’s vision to see the manifest presence of God and the spirit of the Tabernacle of David transformed Shady Grove Church into one of the leading charismatic churches in the nation.

In 2000, he was commissioned as an apostle by Shady Grove Church and the network of churches he founded Antioch Oasis International. As an apostolic leader, Olen focuses on ministering to pastors, ministers and churches, nationally and internationally, while still maintaining apostolic oversight of Shady Grove Church. Olen and his wife Syble reside in Euless, Texas. They have 2 grown children, 6 grandchildren, and 3 great-granddaughters and one great-grandchild on the way.




Randy Bates Founder and Senior Pastor of Mighty Warrior Ministries, Tennessee

Randy Bates was called to the ministry in 1982 after experiencing a series of supernatural encounters with Jesus Christ. During this season of divine visitations, the Lord appeared to him and showed him in vivid detail what would transpire in the coming years in the earth as the revelation of Christ became fully unveiled within the body of Christ. Within minutes of Randy’s ministering, you are gripped by the awesome wonder of God’s glory and purpose for man in the earth. This brilliant speaker articulates with stunning precision not only the vision that God revealed for the Church at large but is outstanding in his presentation of the revelation of the finished work of Christ.
In 1991, Randy founded Mighty Warriors Ministries in Huntsville, Tennessee and continues to pastor the local assembly to this day. He and His wife Jeanna are actively involved in their community and the southeast region of the country. He ministered at Brushy Mountain Prison Facility for two years and he is currently acting as the Chaplin of Scott County Juvenile Center. They also travel and minister in conferences, churches and seminars teaching prophetic revelation, kingdom finance and biblical principles for success in life. Randy holds a Masters Degree of Biblical Studies from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in Tampa, Florida. 

Pastor Bates has appeared on TBN with Dr. William Hinn, Dr. Donald Harrell, and Dr. Ray Charles hosted by John and Joel Casoria conferring on strategy of apostolic networking. He also hosted and taught for 7 years on the local TV network the present truth realities in Christ. In addition his ministry was featured on the NBC affiliate station in Knoxville Tennessee. His ministry has gone into other parts of the world such as Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. His life changing message is his passion in life and when men and woman receive from this dynamic ministry, the results are permanent and divine.




Founding Pastor of Kingdom Life Church and Rick Watts Ministries, Virginia

It became obvious that the call of God was upon Rick Watts even at a young age when he began to preach the gospel at the age of fourteen. He graduated cum laude from Pembroke State University, North Carolina with a B.S., in Music Education.

Both he and his wife Shiela have been through extensive ministerial training and internships by several leading denominations and are widely recognized ministers. Over the years, they have been promoted and ordained by several denomination and key leaders for the work they have been called to. They have served as ministers of music, educational pastors, children and youth pastors as well as associate pastors until 1990 when they received the Senior Pastorate of Glad Tidings Church in South Carolina. Shiela has an inspired vision for the children and youth of this nation, to discover their lifeís purpose and expression in Jesus Christ. She teaches the young people the character and principles of Christ through the ministry of song and dance. They are the founders of the Spirit of David song and dance team which also travels and performs.

In August of 2002 the Watts began to lay the foundation for the apostolic call on their life with the establishing of Kingdom Life Church and Rick Watts Ministries in Virginia. In 2003 Rick was commissioned by the presbytery with a unique apostolic mantle for pastors, ministries and business leaders in Virginia and South Carolina. They continue to minister in these communities as well as travel, ministering prophetically Godís Word for churches, conferences, and seminars. Rick and Shiela have a passion for extravagant praise and worship and together they present a life changing message in a joyful and charismatic way.







The IN CHRIST REALITIES conference will be held in the former Shady Grove Church sanctuary at:
1829 West Shady Grove Road - Grand Prairie, TX 75050
- MARCH 22, 23 & 24 2007

Single Registration - $20 (After March 15, 2007 - $30)
Married Couple - $35 (After March 15, 2007 - $45)
Saturday Lunch & Dinner - Add $20 per person

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